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Game Find the pairs of monsters - Friends of 10

Game Find the pairs of monsters - Friends of 10

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Friends of 10 is a fun game made up of 59 sturdy cardboard cards where your child aged 4 and over must find the pairs of monsters that add up to 10! A fun way to learn to compose and decompose the number 10, the basis for developing mental arithmetic with the ABN method. Dynamic game to facilitate rapid calculation of elementary operations and promote mental agility and logical reasoning.

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Skills developed

  • mental agility
  • Numeration and calculation
  • Attention and concentration
  • Logical reasoning


44 sturdy cardboard silhouette cards (7.6 x 8 cm)
15 circular index cards in resistant cardboard (4.5 cm)


Strong, very durable and high quality thick cardboard

recommended age

4 to 8 years old