NAFA – Educational Tools Inc. this is the story of a mother whose daughter
7 year old has learning and attention problems. The young mother became interested in tools that could help her daughter face the big challenges she was facing.

    Any parent will tell you that their child is unique and it's true. For my part, the uniqueness of my daughter who has learning disabilities (also called DYS disorders) pushed me to surpass myself as a mom. I had to look into a personalized follow-up that would meet his needs, and especially tools that would be able to promote his development.

      Nafa – educational tools has been designed for your children aged between 3 and 12 years old.
      Our mission is to support children towards academic and social development.
      We want to allow all children, whatever their obstacles, to develop and acquire skills through playful tools selected by us and at affordable prices.
      Ensuring the development of our children is a joint effort!