NAFA – Educational Tools Inc. this is the story of a mother whose
7 year old daughter has learning and attention problems. The young mother became interested in tools that could help her daughter face the big challenges she was facing.

    Any parent will tell you that their child is unique and it's true. For my part, the uniqueness of my daughter who has learning disabilities (also called DYS disorders) pushed me to surpass myself as a mom. I had to look into a personalized follow-up that would meet his needs, and especially tools that would be able to promote his development.

      Nafa – educational tools has been designed for your children aged between 3 and 12 years old.
      Our mission is to support children towards academic and social development.
      We want to allow all children, whatever their obstacles, to develop and acquire skills through playful tools selected by us and at affordable prices.
      Ensuring the development of our children is a joint effort!


      My story

      I am Naminata, the founder of Nafa - educational tools. My journey towards the creation of this company began with a personal and painful observation: the learning difficulties of my daughter, Maëly. When Maëly was 2 years old, I noticed language problems that manifested as difficulties in pronunciation, in answering age-appropriate questions, in structuring her sentences and in clearly expressing her needs, ideas and emotions. At the time, the specialists I consulted in France didn't really take these signs seriously, but my instinct as a mother pushed me to dig deeper.

      It was when I arrived in Canada, three years later, that I decided to consult again. This time, the specialists confirmed my suspicions: Maëly suffered from a developmental language disorder (DDL). A cluster of specific learning disabilities was also diagnosed, including dyslexia, dysorthographia and dyscalculia, as well as non-hyperactivity attention deficit disorder and dyspraxia.

      Creation of NAFA - Educational tools

      These discoveries awakened in me a fierce determination to help my daughter. Faced with this reality, I immersed myself body and soul in the search for tools and strategies that could help Maëly develop her potential. I went through articles, books, videos and participated in conferences on the subject, even integrating groups of parents living the same situation as me.

      I also worked closely with the education professionals who followed Maëly, to design an individualized intervention plan to meet her needs. I also made sure teachers understood her challenges and made reasonable accommodations in the classroom.

      It is from this personal and educational journey that Nafa - educational tools was born. I dream of a world where every child, regardless of their challenges, has access to educational tools that help them develop their full potential.

      My vision for the brand

      Nafa is more than just a business for me, it's a mission. It is a project fueled by passion, dedication and love. I am driven by a deep desire to make a positive difference in children's lives and provide them with opportunities that will help them grow, learn and feel fulfilled.

      My engagement

      Dear parents, who may be going through the same situation, know that I am by your side. My commitment to you and your children is unwavering. I am here to offer you fun educational solutions, adapted to everyone, so that each child can flourish, shine and realize their full potential. Join me on this exciting journey and together, let's create a future where every child is celebrated, encouraged and supported in their unique learning. Because taking care of the development of our children is a mission that nourishes my heart and my soul.